This is sent for consideration by all Premier Division & Division One clubs and for reference to those in Division Two.

This message relates to Kick-Off times for Saturday fixtures in Uhlsport Hellenic League & Cup games.

It is relevant to Premier Division & Division One clubs that are hosting these matches under floodlights.

For clarification games hosted by Division Two clubs are scheduled to Kick-Off at a time suitable to ensure completion during day-light hours, unless the home side have, and use, flood-lights at their facility.  

Energy Cost Escalation & the need to be ‘Greener’

It would be great if our new Prime Minister is able to negate the Energy Cost escalation. However this is not the whole picture as there is also the need to be greener and to reduce carbon footprint.

The League situation is that it is sanctioned by The FA to operate under The Standardised Rules for this level of the game. These indicate a 3pm Kick-Off for Saturday dates which means that The League cannot dictate an earlier Kick-Off time as it would lose this on an appeal made by any club.

What the League can do is to treat fixtures individually and it can agree an earlier Kick-Off time for clubs that request to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs.  This must be agreed in writing (email will be fine) with opponents, and also sanctioned by The League Football Operations Manager, Brian King, (copied with this message) at least seven full days in advance of the fixture.  This means the sanction must be given by 5.00pm on the Friday for a change on a  match set for the Saturday a week later (i.e. not Saturday the next day).

Personally I would be very pleased to see clubs taking this action, but there is no compulsion .


Bob Dalling, Chairman & Acting Results Officer

‘uhlsport’ Hellenic League

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