The uhlsport Hellenic League Division One is poised for an exhilarating 24/25 season as the line-up of 19 fiercely competitive teams is unveiled. With FC Inkberrow moving up to Step Five, the division might be one team short, but it remains packed with excitement and high-stakes competition. The race for the top spot is wide open, and every club is eager to seize the opportunity.

Despite FC Inkberrow’s departure, the remaining teams are ready to deliver unmatched passion, skill, and determination. Each match promises to be a thrilling spectacle, showcasing the raw talent and tactical prowess that have become hallmarks of the Hellenic League.

This season’s teams include:

  1. Abingdon United
  2. Bewdley Town
  3. Carterton
  4. Cheltenham Saracens
  5. Chipping Sodbury Town
  6. Clanfield
  7. Droitwich
  8. FC Stratford
  9. Kidlington Reserves
  10. Long Crendon
  11. Ludlow
  12. Newent Town
  13. Redditch Borough
  14. Shortwood United
  15. Southam United
  16. Stonehouse Town
  17. Tytherington Rocks
  18. Wantage Town
  19. Wellington

This year’s line-up is a perfect mix of seasoned clubs and dynamic new entries, each with its sights firmly set on climbing the ranks. From the historic grounds of Abingdon United to the rising stars of Carterton, fans can expect nothing short of relentless competition and dazzling displays of football.

Key Storylines to Watch:

  • New Entrants and Rising Stars: The promotion of Carterton, Wellington and Ludlow, as well as a few others has opened doors for fresh talent from far and wide, Who among the underdogs will rise to the occasion and seize the spotlight?
  • Development Teams Ready to Shine: Clubs like Kidlington Reserves are known for nurturing young talent. Will this be the season they dominate the league with their emerging stars?
  • Fierce Local Derbies: With clubs like Clanfield and Carterton in close proximity, the local derbies will be as intense as ever, promising unforgettable matches and heightened rivalries.

uhlsport Hellenic League have gone on record saying, “The 24/25 season is shaping up to be one of the most competitive and thrilling yet. With FC Inkberrow’s departure to Step Five, we’re eager to see which club will rise to the challenge and make their mark. Our fans are in for a season filled with unforgettable moments and exceptional football.”

Who will take the crown and secure promotion this year? The battle lines are drawn, the teams are ready, and the anticipation is palpable. One thing is certain: the journey to the top of the uhlsport Hellenic League Division One will be nothing short of spectacular.

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