Uhlsport Hellenic League (UHL) Announcement for matches scheduled for December 3rd

The League hope that both England and Wales progress in the World Cup past the group stages. However, there is a potential fixture clash for the Last 16 involving the runners-up of Group B, (England and Wales’ group), kicking off at 3pm on Saturday 3rd December. There is a full fixture programme planned for this time.

Aiming to avoid the possibility of a clash the League are adopting the below policy

  •  If England or Wales are involved in a World Cup Last 16 game on December 3rd then for UHL operated games (not FA Vase & County FA), Kick-Off time will be brought forward to 12:00. There is no need to confirm this with the League, just your opposition and the Match Official/s
  • If the 12:00 kick-off cannot be met by both clubs, then the home club needs to propose an alternative for the game to be played over that weekend, that is agreed in writing (email) with the visitors, to the League by close of business on Friday 25thNovember. The League needs to agree to this alternative before it is published. If no alternative can be agreed in the timescale, then the original published kick-off time on FA Full Time applies.
  • If neither country is involved that day, then the original Kick-Off times currently displayed on FA Full Time can apply.

The League contact point is Brian King (bamking1946@gmail.com)

In Summary

If England or Wales are involved on December 3rd, then Brian King will move all UHL games Kick-offs on FA Full Time to 12:00 on December 3rd, or the alternative proposed to, and agreed with the League.

Any change on FA Full Time is unlikely to happen until after The World Cup games on Tuesday November 29th.

This message has been issued with the expectation that, should there be a need for a KO Time change, clubs will have agreed this with their opposition by the weekend before December 3rd. This will mean a clear picture for those that make it all work on match-day.

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