What is the Weather doing to us ……….?

This week we start with an important Message from Brian King,

‘In view of the anticipated high temperatures this weekend The FA has issued guidance to County FA’s with advice of steps to take for the wellbeing of participants.

I have seen this information in my role as Chairman of my own CFA (Oxfordshire) and would suggest that Match Referee’s discuss this issue in their pre-match briefing with the competing club officials some 45 minutes pre-match. Personally, I would suggest that up to TWO water breaks be taken in each half at 15-& 30-minutes playing time. As this is guidance such actions must be agreed with the competing club’s pre-match’.

Last Week

The FA Cup last week produced some excellent results for our clubs.

The crowd levels were phenomenal with outstanding number being at Malvern Town .

The next round games are scheduled for next Saturday (20th).

Malvern Town and Worcester Raiders take part in an all UHL tie, with four more of our clubs also in action.

Results Submissions – so far

Wearing my Results Officer hat, I would like to congratulate everyone on the way that, in terms of submitting of the Match Day SMS & 60 Minute Forms, have started the season. Everyone has made a great effort to get these right. Hopefully our Division Two clubs will do the same when they start next weekend.

Please note that we have updated the Reporting Document (to Version Two), to include what to do if your match is abandoned. Please ensure the attached reaches the person submitting your results.

Bob Dalling

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