Saturday 30th December 2023.

Hereford Lads Club.   1
Hereford Pegasus.      0

Not your usual Hellenic Premier League result but one filled with a little Gambian spice.

Thanks to the kind donations of Hereford Lads Club and Hereford Pegasus, Steve Wilson of the Herefordshire FA Council was able to bring two football strips to Gambia on his family’s holiday over Christmas.

With a little help of the Gambian FA and Lamin King, two clubs in the town of Bakau were gifted with the Blue shirts of Hereford Lads Club and the Red shirts of Hereford Pegasus. Mango Utd and Newtown Utd respectively.

In a hotly contested game, very reminiscent of a true Hereford Derby, Lewis Wilson, currently a Junior Player at Lads Club made an appearance for Mango Utd in Blue, whilst James Wilson, who is a referee in Herefordshire opted to play for Newtown Utd in Red.

Steve Wilson commented “the game in Gambia struggles for financial support and the donation of two playing kits was such a simple idea which was so gratefully received by the two clubs and I hope that this could be the start of a new initiative whereby the teams of Herefordshire and beyond can donate unwanted kits to the Gambian FA. I would sincerely like to thank Kevin Bishop (Hereford Pegasus), Mike Shaw (Hereford Lads Club) and Alan Darfi (HFA) for their support and making this all possible”

Steve Wilson

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