Woodstock Town

Club: Woodstock Town
Website: woodstocktown.co.uk
Nickname: none
FA Charter Standard Level: FA Charter Standard Club Adult
Chair person’s name: Neil Roberts
Chair email : wcrobertson@btinternet.com
Chair phone number: 07831709287
Club secretary name: Ian Whelan
Club secretary email: ian.whelan@lucyelectric.com
Club secretary phone: 07827894869
Match secretary name: Ian Whelan
Match secretary email: ian.whelan@lucyelectric.com
Match secretary phone number: 07827894869
Programme editor name: bob Ward
Programme editor email: bobwar13@btinternet.com
Programme editor phone number: 07810081998
Manager name: Sean O’Sullivan
Manager email: sean6767@hotmail.co.uk
Manager phone number: 07801250488
Joint first team manager name:
Joint first team manager email:
Joint first team manager phone number:
Home Shirts: Red
Home Shorts: Red
Home Socks: Red
Goalkeeper: Blue
Change Shirt: Blue
Change Shorts: Blue
Change Socks: Blue
Goalkeeper Alt: Orange
Second team manager name:
Second team manager email:
Second team manager phone number:
Joint second team manager name:
Joint second team manager email:
Joint second team manager phone number:
Second Team Shirt Colour:
Second Team Shorts Colour:
Second Team Socks Colour:
Second Team Goalkeeper Colour:
Name of Home Ground: New Road
Home ground address: New Road Woodstock
Postcode: OX20 1PD
Ground phone number: 07827894869
Directions to ground ““51°50’51.4?”””N 1°20’53.4?”””W

51.847609, -1.348163?”