Welcome to the uhlsport Hellenic Season 24/25

Welcome to Season 24/25 -It will soon be underway!

Most of you are from the previous season but we have loads of new MO’s this season and this is just amazing! The pressure on you all is just slightly less but the standards we expect from you are couldn’t be higher.

Open Dates – MOAS 


All open dates are taken from MOAS. This MOAS account is personal to you. This is your account and you are responsible for the data within it. The data within it dose not link to WGS. The only link is with the login details, as The FA use a single sign on service. Meaning your address & contact details need to be updated if you move.

This is a simple system; you can access from any platform and you can enter closed dates in seconds. You can enter temporary locations when you are not in the Hellenic area. This is extremely useful for those of you that are students and move around a fair bit. This is advisable also for those of you who work during the week in the Hellenic area, but are out of it at weekend. 

Closed or Open dates are not accepted in any other form. 

Please ensure you keep this calendar up to date. Appointments can come though at anytime and right up until 24hrs before a fixture taking place. If you know you can’t accept a fixture on a set day, head over to the system and close the date as soon as you can. Remember this takes seconds to do and can be done from a mobile phone. 

I am asking for you all to have your closed dates entered on the system no later than the 22nd of every month (FA Appointment Release Date). I will then enter the system on the 23rd and start to draft/provisional the appointments, you may receive provisional appoints though out the season and before the 22nd of each month. Please email Craig Davenport if you need to close that date that has a provisional in place.

FA Full Time 

The Full Time (FT) system, is where we publish our appointments to the teams and public. No other admin or logins are required for this system. You do however receive an email from the system, as way of information that an appointment/change has taken place. Its important you get these emails. If you are not, please let myself and Brian know. You may not have accepted the invite email from the system. In the first instance check your Junk/Spam folders. Its important you do accept this email or the system will not email you! Div 2 and Vets as well as KEY cup games are on FT

Match Appointments & Confirmations 

All Premier Division and Division One Assistant Referee appointments are on MOAS ONLY. 

Division Two and Vets Referee appointments will be made solely through FA Full Time system. For these fixtures,  we will source your availability for these matches through MOAS. Once appointed and you have confirmed the fixture as per the below process, remember to go and CLOSE MOAS under “Football Supply League”. If this is not done, the risk is run that if we have to fill a slot in the Prem or Div one, you will show as open, and we will use you. Meaning you will lose the middle you are appointed to.

Appointments to matches as Assistant Referee (Prem & Div 1) are to be confirmed on MOAS ONLY. Division Two and Vets middle appointments will require an emailed match confirmation to both the FOM (Football Operations Manager – Brian King – bamking1946@outlook.com) and Craig Davenport – Craig.Davenportuhlro@outlook.com –  A simple way of doing this is hit Reply on the Full Time email, Add Craig in as well and confirm the game. This gives us the match details!! Do it when you receive the email, DON’T WAIT!! 

Rejecting & Coming Off an Appointment 

Rejecting an appointment happens, we are realistic in the fact people have a personal life. Rejecting or Coming off a confirmed fixture has two different paths. If you are within 24hrs of the fixture, this must be done in person. Such as a phone call, voicemail if the call not answered. An email, Text, Facebook message or any other method is not acceptable. As all the above may not be seen. However a voicemail followed up by a text is a good way to ensure the message is received. If it is + 24hours before a fixture, then an email is the only accepted format. Please ensure you state why you are coming off or rejecting a game. We will then confirm the removal and you are expected to close your date after that. Failure to do so, will possibly see you appointed again to another game that you will have to reject.

Post Match Reports

If you are the appointed Referee for a Hellenic League match, then you will be required to complete a post-match report form (MRF) on the Hellenic League website (https://thehellenicleague.co.uk/). Match Official’s, Useful Links , then Referee Match Report Form. The Form is self-explanatory. You will also have to scan/take photo of the team sheets as part of the reporting process. 

The MRF is multi-platform and can be done from a mobile device as well as a Laptop/PC. – uhlsport Hellenic League Referee MRF (jotform.com)  

For any issues –

Level fours – Contact Brian King

All other levels – Contact Craig Davenport