Cup Competition Update- 7 April 2021

As we close in on Competition start date, we have some further information for you and your clubs to absorb. Please find attached two documents, the specific uhlsport Hellenic League Competition Rules and Government plus FA Guidance Notes. Compliance with these is required and failure to do so is likely to result in removal of Competition fixtures.

Cup Competitions Rules as previously supplied on March 24th. These have been sanctioned by the FA and supplement Hellenic League Standard Rules & Division Two Rules. If you have any questions or need clarification please email the League Secretary.

FA and DCMS Guidance Notes (Step 3 to 6 Subsidiary Competitions) – Covid-19 requirements
·         These are for Step 1 (March 29th onwards) of the return to football The main points are that:-
·         Clubs must ensure their Risk Assessments have been reviewed and updated to reflect current FA & DCMS (Government) guidelines. These need to be made available to opponents when confirming fixtures.
·         No Spectators are allowed within the ground.
·         No Changing Rooms are to be used.
·         Toilets only to be opened for toilet purposes only, 30 minutes before and after the game. These are not to be actually inside a changing room or in an area where the changing rooms are not locked, or in a bar area that is open offering table service. If there is any doubt, the local health authority is the best place for advice.

There is another document in circulation which is aimed at Grassroots football. This document does not appear to meet the currently published Government Roadmap out of Lockdown.

FA and DCMS Guidance Note Updates & Additions for Step 2 (April 12th onwards)

The document shown for Step 1 indicates that there is no change planned for Step 2. This document meets and complied with the Government Roadmap out of Lockdown. Should this change for Step 2 we will issue an update.

Covid Needs – In Addition to Guidance Notes. – Track & Trace
The League needs to ensure that fixtures do not help spread the virus. The system used earlier this season by the League has been overtaken by the NHS Track & Trace system. This relies on individuals full compliance with registering with NHS Track & Trace, testing and isolation as required.

These requirements have NOT changed. Clubs have a legal requirement to print and clearly display the NHS QR. The host club needs to ensure that ALL those entering the ground register individually either via this QR or another government approved system. This includes all players & team members, match officials, and club officials. Therefore in games behind closed doors there is an expectation of a minimum of 40 registrations.

Match Officials / Fixtures
The Match Fees for these competitions will be as follows:
  –   Premier & Div. ONE Cup competitions – Referee £40, Assistant Referees £30.
  –   Division TWO Cup Competition – Referee £30.

Payments to Match Officials should be made via YesRef.

Match assignments will all be made onto FULL-TIME for the Premier/Division One Cup and the Division TWO Cup assignments.
Referee Assignments have been made for the Prem/Division One Challenge Cup Groups & Division TWO Cup Assignments for 10th April.
Remaining Assignments & and any required changes will be made this week, or as they are required.

Match Day Reminders
·         Visiting Club Officials: given the’ no –spectator’ scenario, it is recommended they be limited to 6 (as per League pass allocation).·         Hellenic League Officials: may attend matches, but must inform the Home Club prior to attendance.·         Substitutes: For the Challenge & Supplementary Cups up to 5 from 5 Substitutes will be allowed (not rolling subs) and in the Division Two Competition it is up to 5 from 5 with rolling subs as per Division Two Rules.
·         Programmes – continuing on from the curtailed 2020/21 Season, Matchday Programmes are NOT required. Obviously clubs may choose to produce online versions if they so wish.

Post-Match Reporting

·         Please ensure that the Full Time text message is completed and sent within ten minutes of match completion. If you do not receive an SMS message, please phone the result of your match through to our Results Officer, Dave McArdle, on 07930 925840.
·         For these competitions there is NO requirement for home teams to submit a 60 minute Result Form (60Min MRF). 
·         ALL Clubs need to complete and submit the normal Match Report Form (72 hour Form) including updating Team/Match Information on Full-Time.

We have seen examples recently where some of the information being distributed to clubs is not reaching the people it should. As Secretary, you are the interface between the League and your Club, so please ensure you make information as contained here, to the people at your club who are most appropriate, including Team Managers and Match Secretaries.

Lastly a reminder from me, when contacting the League, please state the name of your Club. It can save time receiving a response.

On behalf of the League Management Committee may we wish you good luck in our Cup Competitions and the opportunity to get back playing football justifies the effort put in to make it happen.

Thanks & Regards
John Ostinelli League Secretary
Brian King Football Operations Manager
Bob Dalling League Chairman

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